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From 23rd August 2018 for 28 days

250 years ago, on 25th August 1768, Yorkshireman Lt. James Cook, Captain of HM Bark “Endeavour” sailed from Plymouth into History. The official reason for the voyage was to observe the Transit of Venus from Tahiti, but also he carried secret orders to search for the mythical Great Southern Continent. The Endeavour carried a brilliant scientific team, lead by (later Sir) Joseph Banks.

Pontefract & District ARS are pleased to announce that they have been given permission by Ofcom to use the special Special Event Call-sign GB 250 CC to use to mark this event, and we also, hopefully, will re-apply for this call to mark significant events that occurred on the voyage. We intend making “skeds” with specific countries at these times, so we may call “CQ VK”, for example. As conditions on the bands may be difficult over the next 3-4 years that we intend using this call, please observe these CQ requests.

PDARS have many years experience of SESs, operating them at around 10 events every year. Our biggest SES was GB 800 MC  in 2015 to mark Pontefract’s connection with Magna Carta 800 years earlier.


GB4SL   Space Lectures (See their Web Site) 25th February to 24th March 2018

Many famous Astronauts & Cosmonauts have visited Pontefract area to give talks. There is usually at least one every year.

GB1AVR Ackworth Vintage (Steam) Rally 28/29th April & 21/22nd July 2018

Held Twice each year at the Water Tower Field, Ackworth.

GB4CON (gBACON !!) Fun Day at Farmer Copleys   24th June 2018

An annual Fun Day out for all the family, complete with Hog Roast sarnies

GB0YD   Yorkshire Day 1st August 2018

GB0YD Ilkley Moor

1st August for those not born in God’s County. We talk to anyone, even those from the wrong side of the Pennines.

GB4BOB   Battle of Britain  September 2018

Battle of Britain First 3 weeks of September every year to commemorate all who fought in this important battle.

GB2TFF (GB 2 The Final Frontier)

The call that will be used whenever there is a British Astronaut in Space. Will also be used to mark the visit of Tim Peake’s Soyuz spacecraft to the York Railway Museum


One-Off and Old Calls

GB6CG        Chequerfield Guides                                     Up to 2003

GB0FPS      1st Pontefract Scouts                                     October 2004

GB0BUZZ    Visit of Buzz Aldrin to Pontefract         March 2008

GB1JRC      Pontefract Junior Radio Club                      January 2009

GB1SS        One Small Step (Apollo 11)                               July 2009  

GG100FEV Guide Centennary Featherstone                February 2010

GG100UG  Guide Centennary Upton Guides                February 2010

GG100AG   Guide Centennary Ackworth Guides         October 2009/10  

 GB0PCP     Opening Pease Park Pontefract                       May 2010


All QSL cards will be sent via the RSGB bureau, but only on receipt of your card. LOTW and eQSL confirmations will be sent out after the events.

Anyone wishing to QSL direct, please send a SAE (or addressed envelope with $2) to G0BPK.

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