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2015 is the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. We have been granted permission to use GB800MC from 20th May to 16th June from Carleton Community Centre.

Unfortunately we were not on the air as often as we wanted. but we made 1460 contacts with 92 DXCC entities.  1030 CW, 265 SSB, 143 PSK31 and 22 FM contacts, using 2,10,15,17,20,30,40,80 and 160 M bands. LOTW and eQSL all uploaded. Back on the air throughout November to 4th December.

GB4SL   Space Lectures (See their Web Site)

Two speakers in 2015, and 2 SESs

The first was from 1st April for 25 days to mark the visit of Colonel Eileen Collins, the first woman to command and pilot the Space Shuttle.

An excellent talk from Eileen Collins. She’s also a radio amateur.

To mark the visit of yet another Apollo astronaut to give a talk at Carleton Community High School. This time it was Jim Lovell (Apollo 8 & 13), 31st October. SES ran from 1st October for 28 days.

Next year, Gene Cernan, the last Apollo astronaut to walk on the moon will visit Pontefract. SES to run from March-April. Talk (all tickets SOLD!) 9th April

GB0YD   Yorkshire Day

GB0YD Ilkley Moor

Yorkshire Day. Station operated from Ilkley Moor Bart’at 1st August. QSL cards sent on receipt (Buro or Direct) Also eQSL & LOTW.

GB4BOB   Battle of Britain  

Battle of Britain First 3 weeks of September.75th anniversary year.

GB2TFF (GB 2 The Final Frontier)

A special event station to mark the visit of Tim Peake to the International Space Station. From Mid December for 28 days.

One-Off and Old Calls

GB6CG        Chequerfield Guides                                     Up to 2003

GB0FPS      1st Pontefract Scouts                                     October 2004

GB0BUZZ    Visit of Buzz Aldrin to Pontefract         March 2008

GB1JRC      Pontefract Junior Radio Club                      January 2009

GB1SS        One Small Step (Apollo 11)                               July 2009  

GG100FEV Guide Centennary Featherstone                February 2010

GG100UG  Guide Centennary Upton Guides                February 2010

GG100AG   Guide Centennary Ackworth Guides         October 2009/10  

 GB0PCP     Opening Pease Park Pontefract                       May 2010


All QSL cards will be sent via the RSGB bureau, but only on receipt of your card. LOTW and eQSL confirmations will be sent out after the events.

Anyone wishing to QSL direct, please send a SAE (or addressed envelope with $2) to G0BPK.

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